Pastime is the leisure time that we regularly spend  after our routine works like attending office, household chores, teaching, going to school, etc.. You can otherwise call it as Hobby. However, the activity which is a pastime for one person, can be a vocation or profession for another person. For example, Swimming a pastime for John, will be a Profession for Bush.

Whatever be, each person should have a pastime in their daily schedule. Because, this is the only way to relax and refresh your mind and body.

Some of the favorite pastimes are: 

Photography This helps to look back and enjoy the green memory after several years. You can share your clicks through the social media and public forums. Digital cameras enable even the beginners to shoot good images. Variety of cameras  are available in the market to suit the choice of the individual,  professional or amateur. 

Poetry As a Human being, each one of us have the creative power hidden within us.It is one such hidden skill which can be exhibited if we consciously try it. Otherwise, you can read poetry from others, through books or online. 
Discover the poet in you   
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Other examples of Pastime are:
Listening to Music, Playing Games like Carom, Chess and Video and Games on Internet
Painting, Knitting
Watching TV/Movies/YouTube
Internet Browsing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing
Reading Books